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I have spent a lifetime experimenting with equipment and with theory, and at just the time I finally felt fairly comfortable that I’d grown to manage the finer details of the craft, even working in custom commercial labs, digital photography was born. Fortunately for me, it also appeared at the same time the graphic design bug bit me. Digital photography and desktop publishing, as it was called then, were a natural complement. Film became chips, retouching became manipulation, albums became online galleries...artistic potential exploded.

My services are designed to demystify the process of making your pictures frame-worthy and screen-ready. We will cover 5 principle subjects:

1 The Camera: the right equipment and how to use it 

2 The Basics: mastering 4corners of a Pro PhotographTM 
 • Composition
— Contrast
— Color
— Clarity

3 The Field: practicals using our “PocketBook Guide to Shooting (anything)”
Flowers: tips and technique to shooting macros, ie close-ups 
Weddings: I think the object is the same--to capture people at their natural best, laughing, wandering, wondering; so this module focuses both on setting the stage in order to capture everything on your checklist, and how to shoot subjects discreetly without spoiling the moment. 
Low-Light / Nightscapes: you’ll learn how avoid using flash as a crutch by harnessing common sense and recent advancements in low-light sensors
Landscapes: they are everywhere and anywhere. Learn how to look for what most photographers miss, yet people always notice. 
Architecture: I’ve shot buildings all over the world and have several practical tips for both composition and lighting for great results.
Abstracts (covering inanimate objects and lighting)
Motion: because videos were once called motion pictures, and as Gregg Toland proved, every frame of a movie can be strong enough to be framed on its own. Eg. Orson Welles’ Magnificent Ambersons.

4 The Box: from that dusty crate in the attic to the digital vault on your desktop or in the cloud, archiving your memories makes them easier to access, enhance and share. And if you backup your assets like I do, you’ll never lose another picture again.

5 The Reward: you’ll be pleased with yourself for the results, but it really hits home when you hear the “wows”. I’ll walk you through a range of media to output you work to. From posting your latest on Facebook to inviting people to your first exhibition, you will learn to get comfortable with the applications already in your computer that help make you look like a pro.


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