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A student of photography since 1982, and an avid Macintosh evangelist since 1984, Mr McIntyre has worked in visual arts from positions as diverse as staff still photographer for the Los Angeles Times to graphic designer for Hollywood motion pictures to television producer for the nation’s first real estate channel.

Although not a stranger to portraiture and action, Mr McIntyre’s main focus in photography is on landscape and architecture. His work has been featured in shows in Europe and in the United States.

Mr McIntyre owns and operates creative agency Phabriq Development while freelancing as a photographer and teaching students his 4cornerstones of a Pro Photograph curriculum.

In addition to tutoring budding photographers and Macintosh users, Mr McIntyre is also preparing his first public exhibition of digital photography.

Education: University of Colorado at Boulder, School of Journalism

College of Media, Communication and Information — Broadcast Production Management

Discipline: Advertising, Film Studies, Physics

Visual Heroes: Orson Welles & Gregg Toland

Favorite Movie: Monty Python’s Life of Brian

ca. 2003

ca. 1812

Scott McIntyre

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